Oceanside Beach Resort - Montauk, NY
Oceanside Beach Resort is conveniently located next to the beach at the entrance of Montauk village, within 3 blocks of dining, shopping, entertainment, boating, sailing, tennis, mini-golf and so much more.

Oceanside Beach Resort has plenty of backyard space for your group functions.

Enjoy the clean white sand beach and cool refreshing waters of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Oceanside Beach Resort is located at one of the areas best swimming beaches.

A quiet, peacful morning walks on the beach is a great way to start your day.

Some of the best sportfishing and surfcasting in the world is found here. Please don't tell anyone.

Surfers flock to Montauk all year long to enjoy some of the best breaks on the East Coast.

Montauk is a historic treasure trove of unique landmarks and architecture..

Life is a day at Umbella Beach. Summer 2007.

Night life at Umbrella Beach. Summer 2007.

Break time 2007.

"Got our annual reserved seating..." The Bruni's.

Girls of the Oceanside...

Girls of the Oceanside getting ready to ROCK THE BOAT!!!

Formal attire is not required at the Oceanside Beach Resort... Santana.

Oceanside Beach Resort is open year-round, and there is no place more magical than Montauk in the winter. Cool, crisp sea air filtered only by mother nature herself. Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded shopping malls, browse through the specialty shops and exchange thoughts with some incredibly real people. You'll even find time for a quiet meal or just a hot cup of cappuccino in a very relaxed atmosphere (and stress-free no less).


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